Saturday, February 9, 2013


Everywhere I went I collected one of these little shields with the name of the place on it, except Fiesole and Lucca.
Because there I didn’t see any.

From top to bottom; 
The Vatican
Pisa again

This one I also got in pisa, at a little hat shop. 

Dad And I were walking along and I saw a hat shop, so of course I took a picture of the hats in the window {Tune in tomorrow!} and while I was doing that Dad from behind me said “Hey, do you need some more pins?” And my answer was of course yes. This pin was in a display of pins in the window.
I went in and the Italian lady behind the counter was talking very excitedly to another Italian lady, and when they finished I asked “Vorrei una pinna?” and she said something at high speed and pulled out a drawer of tiny pins. “No, er, e piu grande.” I made a shield shape with my fingers the same size as the one I was looking for “Questa. Er, Nella, nella finestra.” At that point her italian slowed down incredibly, to a point where I could understand most of it and she said {In Italian} “Oh OK, let’s go and look in the window, then.” We went out side and I pointed it out and she said {In Italian} “This one? Okay. Five Euros.” Back inside I payed for it, thanked her and gave my big dumb grin. 

It says I assemble radios. 
Or fix, or monitor radios. 
I’m not sure, but it’s pretty great all the same.

The Inside of the Duomo, and the Baptistery

The inside of the duomo is very nice, but it’s also very big and very dark and I left the tripod in America. {SO HEAVY}
So bear with me here.

WARNING TO RELIGIOUS/UPTIGHT PEOPLE: There are some pictures of an old painting where the devil or somebody is stuffing sinners in his mouth.
It’s bloody and kind of gross, but still, it’s religion.
Oh, there’s also an actual human skull.
I think it’s a saint, or something.

 Detail: Doors with sheep on them. 
They’re really big on sheep here.

The main interior of the duomo, walk up view.

The Interior of the actual dome part, hand–painted with scenes depicting the five levels of…holiness? I don’t know. But hell’s right there at the bottom.

Before I went up top I went downstairs to the crypt. 
Which wasn’t great, as crypts go, but it was a pretty neat little museum.

Take note, people who are making crests. This is how it’s done. 

Detail: Leftover Latin.

I Spy: A Human skull in a gilded box.

Peekaboo, dead person!

This is what the walls of the old roman temple that used to be here looked like.

Detail: Roman temple or 60’s wallpaper?

This is what the old roman floor looked like.
Pretty much exactly like this, actually. 
This is a bit of roman floor.

Blurry picture of the 24 hour clock and the paintings above the door.

This is what the floors look like now, notice how they took a page out of the romans book but did it with marble.

Detail: We’re on the roof now. 
When they built this place they would only let maybe one or two repairmen up here at a time {As evidenced by the tiny passageway up} so what was the point of this bit of carving?
Telescopes hadn’t been invented so people on the ground couldn’t see it. 

Hey, who’s that doofus. 
Oh alright it’s me. 

Panorama: Our hotel is somewhere in there.

Panorama: The bell tower I climbed earlier.

Panorama: I Spy a Sinagoga. 

Panorama: I Spy a Sinagoga again, but this time it’s in a different place.
BONUS: Find the Santa Croce!

Panorama: I Spy: The Uffizi, the Palazzo Vecchio, and the Santa Croce again.  

Detail: As you leave you’re presented with a closeup view of the painting on the inside of the dome, and of course your eye is drawn to Hell and and the devil or something eating people.
You religious people are completely insane.
Seriously, you believe this stuff?

Next door is the baptistery, wich is a bit like a smaller, gold covered version of the duomo.

Detail: I don’t actually know what’s going on here, but it was right above the altar bit.

There is seriously a ton of gold everywhere.

Detail: I Spy: My namesake! Iacob!

Detail: Again with the devil or somebody eating people. 
You religious types need to get your heads on straight.

Detail: This statue freaked me out. 
It kind of looked like he was going to jump up at any moment.

Hey! It’s white Jesus!