Saturday, February 09, 2013


Everywhere I went I collected one of these little shields with the name of the place on it, except Fiesole and Lucca.
Because there I didn’t see any.

The Inside of the Duomo, and the Baptistery

The inside of the duomo is very nice, but it’s also very big and very dark and I left the tripod in America. {SO HEAVY}
So bear with me here.

WARNING TO RELIGIOUS/UPTIGHT PEOPLE: There are some pictures of an old painting where the devil or somebody is stuffing sinners in his mouth.
It’s bloody and kind of gross, but still, it’s religion.
Oh, there’s also an actual human skull.
I think it’s a saint, or something.

 Detail: Doors with sheep on them. 
They’re really big on sheep here.

The main interior of the duomo, walk up view.