Saturday, February 09, 2013


Everywhere I went I collected one of these little shields with the name of the place on it, except Fiesole and Lucca.
Because there I didn’t see any.

From top to bottom; 
The Vatican
Pisa again

This one I also got in pisa, at a little hat shop. 

Dad And I were walking along and I saw a hat shop, so of course I took a picture of the hats in the window {Tune in tomorrow!} and while I was doing that Dad from behind me said “Hey, do you need some more pins?” And my answer was of course yes. This pin was in a display of pins in the window.
I went in and the Italian lady behind the counter was talking very excitedly to another Italian lady, and when they finished I asked “Vorrei una pinna?” and she said something at high speed and pulled out a drawer of tiny pins. “No, er, e piu grande.” I made a shield shape with my fingers the same size as the one I was looking for “Questa. Er, Nella, nella finestra.” At that point her italian slowed down incredibly, to a point where I could understand most of it and she said {In Italian} “Oh OK, let’s go and look in the window, then.” We went out side and I pointed it out and she said {In Italian} “This one? Okay. Five Euros.” Back inside I payed for it, thanked her and gave my big dumb grin. 

It says I assemble radios. 
Or fix, or monitor radios. 
I’m not sure, but it’s pretty great all the same.

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