Friday, August 20, 2010

A Day Of Thrift-Shopping

I Love thrift stores.
Today I got:
 1.  A very fine winter trench coat, 100% wool
2.  A barely used peach/off-white fedora {in my size, which is extremely rare.}
3. 1100 royalty free pictorial symbols, of the sort one might find on highway signs.  But for all sorts of tasks. 
4.  A huge book of the century's best advertising.
5.  A two disc set of the F├ędora opera. That's 1:34:48 of Opera!
This opera is based on the 1880's play, which launched the fedora hat, as a women's hat first, but then as a Men's hat. 
I am super-excited about this!
It also includes this 241 page book, with a back-story on the play, how the opera came about, and translations of the Italian. 
Not bad for under $100.

-=Best Regards=-
Sir Jacob D. Fredrickson Esq.
Chief Executive Officer of Early Bird Industries, Inc.