Wednesday, June 4, 2008


for todays cultured blog post i thought i would treat you to a little fine poetry.....
my piece of poetry

children should be seen and not heard,
blow that scene,break away from the herd,
spring for somewhere warm like alaska in june,
and you`ll be singing a different tune,
it never gets dark here when summer comes,
now listen to me, ba dum bum bum`s.
you can tell i`m in a rhyming spell when the phone rings its little bell,
hey i don`t know i`m making this up as i go along,
now just sit back and enjoy the come along and join the cool crowd, hahaha!!
there`s no one like that,
“cool”`s all in ya head like a belfry full`o` bats,
anyone can be cool if they want to,
just be the person that they want to no one`s really cool or lame or dumb, just be yourself and have some fun!

also, i am including a second poem,
Ode to Spring Time.
the snow is melting the ice is all gone,
and pretty darn soon i`ll be able to see my lawn!
because its springtime in, alaska.
in a couple of days i`ll be able to see the sun,
and the temperature is rising up past one.
because its spring time in, alaska.

and now i bib thee adieu.

hello world!

well hello! i made this blog on accident, just checking out what i could do, and boy am i glad i did!

save the croissants!

do you know where your croissants come from? i found this today, i think its a worthy charity, The Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Croissants, if you want to donate, the link is Here, donate today! for years the french have been fooling us! with their “recipes” have you actually ever seen a croissant being made? and if so are you sure that the thing you saw being put in the oven is what the chef takes out? just saying...