Friday, September 05, 2008

Xavier part 8

inside the tunnel it was exceedingly dark, Xavier had no problem with this being a robot, but Samuel kept bumping into the walls taking pity on Samuel, Xavier increased the power in his visual light emitters, and they pressed on. "wheres Zim?" questioned Samuel, noticing he hadn't seen Zim for a good 30 minutes, Xavier turned to look at Samuel, then looked all around on the ground for Zim "rats." said Xavier "we have to go back," but by this time they had turned around, and were thoroughly lost and couldn't remember which way went back to the house, and which way led toward the outside "we're lost." noted samuel with his usual shrewd accuracy, "i say we pick each pick a direction, and whoever reaches the outside first waits for the other one, agreed?" "agreed." Xavier said. Samuel turned and went one way and Xavier sped down the tunnel in the opposite direction with super human speed. Samuel watched Xavier until he was out of sight, then walked off in his direction, after walking for about five minutes he heard a scuffling in the Shadows up ahead and to the left "Xavier?" Samuel said cautiously, thinking the robot had returned already, "Xavier if thats you this isn't funny," something cold brushed against his leg, he turned to face whatever it was, drawing his Phazer, "if that's you Xavier, I'm sorry." and fired, there was a yelp, and then silence. suddenly bright lights came from behind, he turned to face them and was almost blinded! "ahhh!" he yelled shielding his face, the lights dimmed and a voice said, "relax Samuel, its only me," "Xavier?" "yeah, What's got you so scared? oh, and here," Xavier said tossing Samuel a flashlight, as Samuel related his story they went in Samuel direction and Xavier drew a line on the wall with chalk "sounds like a rat." Xavier said, "a rat?" questioned Samuel "yes a rat, don't you know a bout Rats? they`re little furry animals," "oh an animal, we ran all of the animals out of the complex years and years ago due to the spread of disease." "then what do you eat?" "haven't you noticed? we only eat plex, not the best tasting stuff, but very nutritional!" Samuel said with a smile.