Wednesday, February 06, 2013


   Lucca is a kind of small–seeming walled town over by pisa.
Small–seeming because there’s really two parts to it, defined by the old wall. Inside the wall it’s very old–timey and Italian, there’s lots of churches and tourist stuff. People also live there, but the wall part’s not that big, Dad and I ambled all the way around it in an afternoon.
  Outside the wall is a proper town, There was a cathedral and the train station, it looked like the sort of place there’d be a grocery store, for example. We didn’t go over there, really. Dad was hungry and I had the beginnings of a cold.

{Yog Yog Yog}

I overexposed this picture by like 1&1/2 stops through a green window, so this is the best recovery I could do. But it’s a building where they apparently produce answers!