Sunday, September 08, 2013

The Obscurantists

     I was reading a book about libraries, and they made reference to this old guy who had opposed the exploration of the new world. I forgot his name, but they called him an Obscurantist. That word struck me, I was sort of familiar with the concept of someone who would oppose new things, who would embrace obscurity in all its forms. I am that guy, most of the time. Then this record cover came to me almost in one piece in my brain. 

    I sort of imagine them playing retro R&B style music with a saxophone, a xylophone. some drums, and a crackly electric guitar. All their songs would sound uplifting, but are in fact veiled cries for help,  or angry sounding but with very cheerful lyrics. There would have to be that juxtaposition. And they would have lots of secret references to an agreed upon, very boring text. Possibly a history of europe. 

Tracks: {*Most if not all imaginary}

[Side 1]
  1. I’m Alright, Alright!
  2. Please Stop Calling Me
  3. Here We Go, Oh No
  4. Glorious Court 
  5. Love is for Losers and Us Two Too
[Side 2]
  1. You’re Okay By Me
  2. Sometimes is not Forever All The Time But it is When it Rains
  3. Nothing Can Hurt You if You Don’t Care
  4. Let’s be Boring Together
  5. We’re All Going to be Okay

Better version of original


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Friday, September 06, 2013

Robot on a Field Of Pine

Robot on a Field Of Pine, a Self–Portrait. 
Mixed media; Pencil, coloured in photoshop.