Friday, September 06, 2013

Robot on a Field Of Pine

Robot on a Field Of Pine, a Self–Portrait. 
Mixed media; Pencil, coloured in photoshop. 


  1. This is amazing!!!!! I don't get how the heck you colored it in photoshop. How big is the drawing IRL?

  2. The paper’s only 30 x 15.2 cm (12 x 6 inches) But the robot and the background are two drawings, composited. I have a custom brush in photoshop, I modified one of their default brushes until it looked like how brushes look when I use them, {Messy}. And then I just spent a lot of time painting under the lines {Lines layers set to multiply}. It took all morning, plus a lot of time the day before drawing most of the lines. —Jacob


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