Thursday, August 29, 2013

Alaska State Fair 2013

I didn’t take as many pictures as I usually do.
That’s odd.
But I did see some fake egyptian artifacts, and a bunny. So, definitely a good day.

So before we left I saw this smug little snotface. 
Stayed just out of reach too.

This was the strangest thing, It was like a big field full of flowers, but it was fenced and had these metal platforms in the shape of stars that rotated. I liked the time we had giant sand sculptures better, to be honest.

Hey who’s that. IT’S HANNA.

Slowly climbing higher, a giant robotic death machine comes into your periphery. 
It’s just another ride, everything’s cool.

This is a what the fair felt like. 


Do not look closely at ferris wheels. 
Do not ever, ever look closely at ferris wheels. 

A plastic, american “Venetian Carousel”.

The sky stretched from the mountains all the way to the other mountains.
In between; “Historic” buildings from the 30’s or 40’s.

Warm summer light gently caressed the blood-red berries.

A bee went about his business as quickly as possible, he was in witness protection and did not want to be photographed. In this he failed.

White flowers with purple spots, playing a silent song to no–one. 

There’s a lot of peruvian stuff at the fair. Which is absolutely great because do you know how awesome alpaca wool is? Most. It is most awesome.

See, it’s church, but it’s also a wine bar. That’s just hilarious.

People seemed surprised that none of this stuff was real, but as I commented at the time “Did people really think that they were going to display priceless artifacts in an uninsulated alaskan shed?”
There were some real artifacts, but everything I photographed was a reproduction. 

The ancient Egyptians sure knew how to lay down some bold stripes.
[King Tut’s Chair]

I stared at this for a long time, trying to figure out what animal it was. 
It‘s a very skinny cow.
[Ritual Hathor Couch]

Look at how cute this kid is. 

Again with the crazy black-and-white- designs. So cool.

The way the light hits this is amazing. 
[‘Wishing Cup’ Chalice]

There were a pair of these guys. They guarded the tomb, I believe. 

As I stood in front of this iguana, staring at him intensely and soaking in all his details, as I do with all animals, a mother and child came up to the cage and stood next to me. The mother said to me “Do you think it would bite, if you stuck your fingers in there?” She said this surprisingly genuinely, as if she were seriously considering either doing this, or letting her child do this.
I was of course horrified, but I hid it well, I made my face grave and gently shook my head “No, I don’t know but I wouldn’t risk it.”  She mimicked my face and also nodded, her dreams of injuring her child dashed. As I watched her do this a thought occurred to me “I don’t work here, you know…” I said, trailing off. As I had suspected this surprised her, “Oh! I just thought, you know with the camera and the–” She gestured to all of me. “Yeah the hat throws people off.” I replied smiling, “But seriously don’t stick your fingers in there.”

So many tiny detailed things in nature.

Bags and bags of prize–winning wool. 

A sheep.

Three baby pigs. I wouldn’t have taken this picture, as these pigs are obviously trying too hard to be cute, but Mom made me.

I honestly wasn’t expecting to see a peacock at the Alaska State Fair.

It’s, it’s a fluffy chicken.

I like this rabbit. Oh my gosh look at it. 

And I guess we’re done.


  1. Thanks for the great photos. I feel as though I've been to the Fair!

  2. Awesome pictures. I love the mountains. And the pigs who are trying too hard. The squirrel in the first picture looks fake. I don't think they brought in real squirrels either.

  3. I think you’re right, the whole world is a big trick.


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