Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Continuing Weekly Adventures Of Dr. Zachary Smith H.M.O.

This weeks episode:
Episode #40: South By Southwest
Act one, Scene one.
“Last Week as you recall”
Last Week {as you Recall} Dr. Smith, Capt. James Brown, and the entire company of the Legopolis City Royal Rooftop Police {L.C.R.P., for short} were in the Rather Large Blank Spot, attempting to escape from the Black and White that was attacking the great City Of Legopolis.  Also last week, the Rather Large Blank Spot had started to Fade Before their Very Eyes.
“So What’s the Plan, Zachary?” asks Capt. Brown.  “Well, James, remember Paris?  Summer of ‘49?”  “But that Didn’t work! We almost died!”  Dr. Smith Smiles, gently. “You Have a better plan?”  “Well–” At that point Capt. Brown was cut Off on account of the world exploding.

Act One, Scene Two.
“Good Morning!”

-=Fig. 192: Morning Zachary!=-
A Figure Looms Into Dr. Smith’s Consciousness… “Good Morning!” Yells the Figure, Brightly.  “Isn’t it a Beautiful day!” A shadow Crosses his face; “Whoops, sorry, I forgot that you’re not a morning person.  But It’s good to see that you’re up!”  Dr. Smith starts grumbling… “…coffee…now.” Capt. Brown Jumps, “Right, Got it Zachary!” A Second later… “Um, Where–” “…Suitcase…” “Right, Right, of course.  Wow, is this suitcase bigger on the in–”        “…”       “Right, Er, Coffee.”

Act One, Scene Three.
“After Coffee”

“So, Zachary, how you doing? You Alright Now?” Asks Capt. Brown, after Dr. Smith Finished off the rest of the Coffee. Dr. Smith Yawns and rubs the Sleep out of his eyes. “Yes, I’m fine, thanks for asking, James.”  “Zachary, I was wondering, why is your Suitcase bigger on the inside?”  “It works on the same principle as The Door, Requisitioning a section of the R.L.B.S. for Random Access Storage, then opening and closing with these electromagnets I put on the Sides of my suitcase.”  “Ah.  Ok. Where are we?”  Dr. Smith Looks around, and frowns. “No, we can’t be here.”  “Where?”  Dr. Smith Smiles like a magician about to perform a simple yet complex-looking trick of his own devising to a group of other magicians.   “See James? Nothing up my sleeves.”  Capt. Brown, knowing of Dr. Smiths love of theatre, went along with it. “Yep, Nothing there. What Are you Going To Make appear, Mr. Great Zachariah?"
Dr. Smith Smiles, grasps the air–

-=fig. 193: Nothing up the sleeves=-

–and pulls, like a magician pulling the tablecloth from a completely set table–

-=fig. 194: Like a Magician trying not to break the expensive china=-


-=fig. 195: Wow! A Jaguar!=-

“Wow! a 1935 Jaguar!  With Original Details!” Capt. Brown is awestruck. “but how’d you do it?”  Dr. Smith Just smiles and says: “A Magician Never Reveals His secrets.  Hop in."  “By the way,” Says Capt. Brown,“Where did everyone else go?”  Dr. Smith explains.  It went something like this;  Von TipRău and his evil henchmen have stolen all the colors and people from Legopolis.  In Making their escape, the Villains accidentally {Or maybe not so accidentally} ripped Time and space all to shreds. When Dr. Smith, Capt. Brown, and the L.C.R.P.  Escaped through a different hole in Time and Space, they aggravated the problem, causing a bigger  hole to appear, quite suddenly. {That would have been about the time when the world “Exploded”} That Bigger Hole scattered everyone through Time And space, probably forever,  Hopefully not changing history, but definitely causing trouble. “…And now it’s up to us to chase everybody down, Fix whatever’s been messed up, stop Von TipRău from carrying out his nefarious scheme, and stop time and space from falling apart.”  “And we’re going to do all that in a 1935 Jaguar?”

Act one, Scene Four.
“Hold on tightly and with much fear-driven vigor.”

-=fig. 196: Now what?=-
"O.K., Zachary, We're in the car, now what?"  Dr. smith Smiles, a little, private smile, and says: "Well, Now we put it in gear." Capt. Brown rolls his eyes and groans. "Yes, Ha Ha, very funny. I meant what are we looking for?"  "Holes in Space and Time can take on many shapes, from Doors and Windows, to phone booths.  There was even one over in Brittania in the shape of a Police Call box, But mostly Holes are bits of air that don't fit." "Like that bit up ahead?"

-=fig. 197: A Bit of Air that Doesn't Fit=-
"Ah ha! Well Spotted James!"

They wait for a moment.

Capt. Brown Asks: "Why aren't we–" "You haven't fastened you seat belt, James."
"And We're off!"
They gain speed,
The dial registers their speed as:
-=fig. 198: 88mph=-

There are No theatrics…
No explosions…
No lightning…
No flaming tire tracks…
No Spinning License plate…

Dr. Smith and Capt. Brown Simply slipped between the very frames of existence.

And are now, very simply, A week in the future.

Join us Next week as we Join Capt. Brown and Dr. Zachary Smith in:
Episode #41: Parts Unknown
Same time, same blog.

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