Thursday, May 01, 2014


     Hello again.
My camera died. I was shooting in the rain, and it got really wet and died. DSLR’s are really expensive to fix so today I am proud to announce a new initiative of the Save the Croissants international conglomerate, high quality surprisingly cheap art prints! That’s right, you can get any of the below images in real life to hang on your wall for only a few american dollars. Can you pay in other currencies? Probably.
     I would really appreciate it if you bought a print, but what if you can’t because you don’t have any money? Tell your rich friends. But seriously, you can get a poster 33x22 inches for just under $20. That’s a good deal. Or you can get something you could frame for under $7.
     We’ve partnered for redbubble for this initiative so you know they’re high quality, but these are the sorts of low, low prices you can only get as a faceless international conglomerate, like Save the Croissants and Early Bird Industries. So thanks guys. [Prints, or click on any image]
Thank you.