Tuesday, December 20, 2011

CWA Mini–sode: Merry Christmas From the Smiths

Merry Christmas!!
  Well, It’s the end of the year, and what a year it’s been!
  Morton’s kept up with his…hobbies that he has… And I’ve bought another chain of craft stores!
{We’re doing quite well, up another 15% since yesterday!} I’ve kept up with my investing and fiscal management, and in october I won the QuagmIreland Nat’l Money Award for Being Rich And Services to Poor People Who Aren’t Rich and Have No Money. {Very Prestigious!!! There was a pretty stature that I added to my collection of statues I’ve won.}
 This year we [I] decided to spend The Holiday with our son, Zachary, who we hardly ever see because of how busy he is with his things.

This christmas he and his …friend… are living in a tent in the park.

He sends us telegrams sometimes {and by that I mean rarely} And I always got the impression he was doing quite well. He never explained why they were living in a tent {Together!!} in a park like the people my foundations throw money at.

Anyway, they had two trees, an eight foot one and a giant tree, all decorated with shiny baubles and things, very festive. But it was completely freezing out there, so Morton And I had to buy a hotel to sleep in for the night, as it was not a four person tent.

Everyone is having a great time {Except my son who appears to be homeless} and We are all looking forward to another great year!!!!

Lisa Smith

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