Thursday, December 01, 2011

CWA Mini–sode: Lumberjack

Capt. Brown was pleased with himself, he had carried this tree all the way back. 
  “Look, Zachary!” He said, grinning, “I got us a christmas tree!”
 Dr. Smith looked at it. “They didn’t have a bigger one?” He said, smiling slightly. 
Capt. Brown was momentarially confused, “I couldn’t have lifted a bigger one—Oh, you’re joking. ’They’ didn’t have anything to do with it, anyway. I chopped this one down.”
Dr. Smith examined it, it seemed to be your standard pine, very christmassy, ideal. Then he noticed Capt. Brown’s shirt.  
 “Where did you get that shirt, James?” 
 “It was first prize. I won it. It’s 100% Wool Tartan.”
 “It’s certainly bright. What was the contest?” 
 “Carving Woodland Animals out of Tree–Trunks with Chainsaws. I made the cutest moose you’ve ever seen.”  
 “Let’s see it then.” 
Capt. Brown fished a snapshot out of his pocket. “See?” He said, “It’s almost impossible to make legs if you don’t know the trick, no one else knew the trick. Detail work, that’s what sells these things.”
Dr. Smith examined the snapshot, it had been taken with an instant camera. The carving was in fact pretty cute. It was a little statue, carved of wood. He wondered how Capt. brown had made it with only a chainsaw, that seemed impossible. “Very skillful, James.” He said “I’m honestly impressed. But where is it?” 
  “They sold it.” Capt. Brown replied, “It was all for charity.” He added, in response to Dr. Smith’s questioning stare. 
  “What was the charity?” 
  “It was a good charity, I thought they were doing some really great work.”
  “What was it?”
Capt. Brown seemed a little sheepish.  “Razors for Woodsmen.”  He said. 

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