Thursday, December 01, 2011

Good Night, Internet

I Spent a good long time messing around, trying to get the guy in the center right. 
I Finally got him good enough, but the picture was boring. 
And it was nighttime in the desert. 
And I own a great camera, and a tripod. 
So about twenty 30–15 second exposures later I got this one picture I liked, and one that was decent, and a picture of the moon I didn’t completely hate, which was weird for me. 

I combined the two star pictures that weren’t terrible, {Blend modes!} added a vignette, and decided to be done because I didn’t hate it, and I knew that If I kept messing around with it I would ruin it. 

So yeah. That’s supposed to be me, by the way.  In the center there, behind the computer. 

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