Alright, here are some legal things you should know before you go any further, presented in a straight-forward way so that even I can understand them.

Article 1.• This blog makes multiple references to my Website, Save the, I will have you   know that I own that Website, and so I own all the ideas and such from that Website. and I reserve the rights to copy and link back to any page in that Website.

Article 2.• I hereby state that the spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and vague references are all mine. I am not that great of an editor, deal with it.

Article 3.• Lego® is a registered trademark of the Lego Group® and is not endorsed here, or at my website, in any way by Lego® or any body affiliated with Lego® used here in accordance with the Lego® Fair Play guidelines, I also don't use anything but actual Lego Bricks®, so no knock-offs here. Or there.

Article 4.A• Most of these pictures are mine, but some are not. Any pictures where the author is not explicitly stated are pictures taken by me. I search google images and then just take the pictures I want, I am sorry. {When I did that I was a dumb kid, actually, and if you notify me of a post with your material, I will take it down.} I give credit as much as possible, I tried to only use pictures that were in the public domain already. Today I only use media I create myself.
  Article 4.B•You may use my artwork as decoration on your internet site, or as part of a larger project, but you may not claim you made something that I made, nor may you steal it (See Article 4.C) You may use my artwork in any noncommercial aspect you want (as long as I am credited and informed), but if you make money, I want 45%.
    *Article 4.C• Theft is defined here as any use of my art {Photography, other} that does not cite me, that I was not informed of, and, if applicable, that does not link back to my website or the related blog post. Again, to avoid legal action credit my name (Jacob Earl, or Save the Croissants), link back to this blog (If applicable), contact me about your project, and don’t make money off it unless you are willing to give me 45% of all profits generated by my works in perpetuity.

Article 5.• Everything I type is mine, all mine. except when I quote something, then I tell you where its from and such. but I thought up all the ideas, that are not quoted, that is.

Article 6.• You can quote me, and use my images and such, but do not steal from me. (See article 4.C)

Article7.• I Herby Deny Liability for any damages incurred from the use of this site, its parent company, or any of the products advertised therein

Article 8.• Save the Croissants Copyright 2007-2014 Early Bird Productions

not available in all areas no purchase necessary and all those things you can never hear the guy at the end of commercials say.