Monday, June 09, 2008

Xavier part 3

Xavier part 3

the door opened. Xavier looked up, a human was standing in the doorway.
"hello" said Xavier "who are you?" "I'm samuel" said the human "who are you?"
"I'm Xavier" said Xavier "do you have access to the library?" "yes, why?" said samuel.
"i need a cube on robot design." "will you please get one for me?" "is that what you`re doing with the parts over there?" asked the human "yes," replied Xavier "how come i`ve never met you before?" "well, I'm uh, the cook, I'm not actually supposed to be here...." he trailed off "that doesn't matter," said Xavier "i like meeting new people, and i like you, `samuel', thats a good name, i like it," "thank you," said samuel "i like it too."
at that there were footsteps in the hall, when samuel had opened the door the alarm had stopped, that had brought more people than when the alarm went on, "i have to go" said samuel "if they find me here i`ll be i trouble." he turned to leave "will you please come back tomorrow?" asked Xavier "you`re not at all like those other humans" "but wont the alarm go off?" asked samuel worriedly, "i don't want to get in trouble with the boss.." "oh i know how to disable that, "said Xavier. "what i really want to do is explore outside my room, but there`s no way to open the door from this side"
"oh. "said samuel, " do you still want that cube on robot design?" "no, i`ll get human 6 to do it. " "you`d better get going, they`re almost here." "goodbye, see you tomorrow"
"Good bye"

-jake ©Early Bird Productions®

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