Wednesday, February 25, 2009

new poll!

Hello person!
i have another poll out! here are the results from the last poll:

when was the last time you ate a croissant?

today 0 (0%)

yesterday 0 (0%)

within the last week 0 (0%)

more than a week ago 6 (66%)

never, whats a croissant? 3 (33%)

Votes altogether far: 9
Poll closed

but this year{month? week} the poll is ........Hats! yes i know weird subject, but hey! weird blog!
if you have any questions about the hats featured here on Save The Croissants,
check here for pictures, well maybe, with Wikipedia you never know, if that fails, Google Image Search folks!

That is all for today,
Best Regards,

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