Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sir Jacobs Daily Photograph,Cappuccino for You & Me

Today on,
Sir Jacobs Daily Photograph,Cappuccino for You & Me

This Photograph was taken during a trip around Sarasota with my mother, we stopped over at Barnes & Noble, and Perused a Magazine Each, {Mac|Life for me, Somerset Studio{i Believe} For Mom,} and when our coffees got delivered i noticed the marked size difference between the two, i ordered an Espresso, Single Shot, while Mom had ordered A Caffè Macchiato , but its a Starbucks Caffè Macchiato, so its mostly sugar and milk, i know, i tasted it. ick. i'm gonna stick to black single shot Espresso.

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  1. sorry about the sive of the text Reader, techical issues
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    Sir Jacob


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