Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sir Jacobs Daily Photograph,Ok, So Perhaps Its {Semi} Daily

Today on,
Sir Jacobs Daily Photograph, Ok, So Perhaps Its {Semi} Daily

Ok, so maybe i`m not so good at the Whole " daily" thing, i`m blaming blogger. well, blogger in draft, i couldnt get the  Darn Photograph to load, it kept saying "Not Specified", Its specified already! any way, this is Alaska, well, the highway in Alaska, i hear we have houses opening up soon now!  posistions are available! Get Yours Today! i`m kidding, of course, not about the houses, or the blogger thing, so maybe i`m not kidding, the way the economy is going we do have houses available, and i hear its the perfect time to buy! Cheap Cheap Cheap! ah well, its actually much nicer in other parts of the state, like the parts not next to the highway, for example. like palmer! now there's a nice out of the way place, for that uh, tiny town atmosphere! 

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