Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Journal 1 pages 13-14

this is the light fixture of, well, the pottery barn. i drew it as i was lying on one of the beds there,  just waiting, waiting, for mom to be done with shopping, but all that is kinda hazy. it was over a year ago folks, come on. Can you remember  a whole year ago? 
yeah well, you probably dont have very early onset alzheimer's.
{i`m {AGE REDACTED} at time of publishing}
the other page, i dont remember at all. i think i drew it on the bus, {not school, public} but other than that,
it is a total blank.
now that bothers me, i have holes in my memory. so frustrating.  {grr.} {that was a frustrated noise}
That is all for today,
Best Regards,

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