Thursday, April 16, 2009

Journal 1, Pages 15-16, somewhere in chicago.

i was waiting somewhere fancy, lets see, it was Macy's i think. i was again waiting on mom, but this time i was also waiting on Audrey, my friend sheridans big sister. they were doing something, looking for a purse or something. i remeber i was waiting on a cheap chair, {you know the sort.} at the top of the escalator, by a glass cabinet of jewlerey, Sheridan was waiting too, as there were two chairs, on each side of the glass cabinet, probably for husbands who were dragged up to that floor by their spouses. any way here i was, sitting very still, and some lady walks by, i twitch,
and she jumps A Foot. 
 Sheridan was watching this lady closely and
 Apparently this person had thought that i was a Statue.
i didnt think that i could ever be that still again. anyway. on to the drawings. this is the beginnings of my fascination with faces, on the page on the right, also a couple of my better ideas, such as deep dish pizza, {with a ladder} Bowling or bust, {a bust of a bowling-type guy} home, Home On the range, {a house on a  stove-top} and a broccoli. {which i think is pretty good seeing as i've never actually seen one}
oh, the formerly black woman from the eighty's, i was going to make her, dark-skinned, but there was not enough contrast to make out her features.
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