Monday, April 20, 2009

Journal 1, pages 21-22, Somewhere in Chicago.

ah here we are, the randomly interspersed story about a lost explorer writing at two different restaurants, each themed to the particular story he is writing.
stating from the left, 
"Day 22, some Chinamen have come to my camp, the have brought many odd things, {silk. chopsticks, } and an odd insrtument, like my guitar, but with six strings instead of five, {i was 11 ok? and i didn't have a guitar handy for reference.} i am thinking of moving {my camp} to italy, some egyptians are lending me their boat.
 Charles. "
ok, i have no idea what those numbers mean, so dont ask me. {although who would ask me? no one reads this blog any way.} 
here is the transcript from the page on the right,
"day 35, i have been in italy a week, and i am just starting to unpack my instruments, i have obtained a translation journal, everyone tells me its very reliable, but the natives are looking at me funny…
Best Regards,

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