Saturday, April 18, 2009

Journal 1 Pages 19-20, somewhere in chicago.

this is the city i mentioned yesterday, i did a lot of this on the train and the bus,
here i was trying to compartmentalize a city for ease of use purposes, unfortunately,
it wouldn't work in a real-life scenario, but what ever. i made special sections for different kinds of trash, a forest, and its all centered around a church, like the old Italian towns. oh, its bowl-shaped, so the church is at the bottom,this is also good for navigational purposes. i think that it was supposed to be self-sustaining, with a water treatment plant, forest or grove, park, business sector, houses with yards, and a rail station. and no cars. just buses, taxi's, trains, and bicycles. The Whole time we were in Chicago my neck was killing me. i mean it really HURT! like someone was jabbing a pin in the base of my neck, i think i can attribute that to my backpack, you see, i always carry a satchel, and not a backpack, which can hold more, but pulls me in all the wrong directions! I bought a ring at the museum and decided to draw it, i think that inspired a whole new story, more tomorrow.
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