Friday, May 01, 2009

My Country Home.

After i made my first Trillion, I played the Stock-Market and bought a little bungalow in the french country-side. I am rather happy with it, its perfect for entertaining, 27 bedrooms, a couple ballrooms, 2 kitchens, perfect for the weekend getaway.

I wish I could remember where I left it.

And on that note i bid you
Good Day, and Best Regards.

Sir Jacob D. Fredrickson Esq.

Chief Executive Officer of Save the,

Quite the High Ranking Official of Early Bird Productions, Inc.


  1. Well Sir Jacob, it only took me two evenings to read through all your Save the Croissants blog posts, very witty stuff and love your photography (especially some of it over on the Ak Earls Go blog) -

    ~ Personally I'd rather save the banana and eat a croissant, especially if butter, jam and espresso are involved.

    ~ I'm probably not as smart as a 5th grade text book and proud of that ... "Never let school get in the way of your education!".

    ~ Hate it when they depict Alaska as a mid size island west of California, maybe that's a entire blog site on it's own ... Blunders in Cartography.

    ~ Glad to know you can still get a fedora hatted, London Fog wearing detective for four dollars and fifty cents.

    ~ I've made a note to myself that Chef David Earl's "weapon of choice is cayenne pepper" because sometimes I eat lunch with him (so far he hasn't cooked ;-) .. whew!!!

    ~ Sad to hear that TSA is no more effective in Legopolis than the US Gov't division. Probably share some management.

    ~ I hope you find your Country Home soon, or at least have someone lined up to mow the lawn. It'll be a bugger if you let that get away from you.

    I'll be keeping an eye out on this blog ....

    Kind Regards,
    (a friend of your Dad's)

    ps - I'm also a geocacher.

  2. Shhh… I dont know what you are talking about, Mr. David earl is not related to any Fredrickson! Thank you these are very good, i now know what i should work on more with my blog, but what do you think is missing from my website? not this one but

    i am trying to make it all the things i cant fit in here, only i forgot what i can't fit in. so i am asking all of my loyal readers to help me with this one! :-) {smiley face}

    Best Regards,

    Sir Jacob.

  3. "They had me cornered, nowhere to run nowhere to hide," isn't that the greatest opening line? wow that was a long time ago… how did you knwo he wears a fedora and London Fog®? i never said anything about that.

    Best Regards,


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