Friday, May 08, 2009

outdated technology, a short rant.

Computers are passé. Invest in typewriters. I'm serious, I Have Had some time alone with Jacks Computory Device, time enough to copy the design for formatting the posts to upload them into this blog. So I know what I am talking about when I say, 
Computers Will Never Last. 
The Design is so simplistic, almost like it was designed by a bunch of 
Which makes sense you know, when you think about the evoloutionary cycle of the human being, they are basically apes. I mean ditching the Zeppelin after only 31 years of service?! that design had so much potential. except for the fact that the monkeys made it with, 
1. an Internal Combustion Engine, 
2. being lifted by a flammable gas, light, but flammable.
3. being covered by a highly flammable coating,
But an explosion could be avoided by simple precautions, such as, 
1. enclosing the gas cells in something like rubber.
2. using helium instead of hydrogen, or hydrium, although humans have yet to discover that useful gas...
3. and not coating the whole thing in Duralumin.
there you go.  one not explosive zeppelin. read Airborn by Kenneth Oppel, now that is a great book. a great example of human ingenuity.  if only someone would give that guy a set of tools, the human world would be so much better.

Zachary? are you controlling my internet connection?
Dr. Smith?
Hey, stop that!


Dr. Zachary Smith, Humanologist.  

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