Tuesday, June 09, 2009

-=Some Random Thoughts=-

Here are some semi-random thoughts that have been bouncing around {in} my head for awhile, here they are, in no paticular order.
In my many and varied adventures, I have come across quite a few pilots, mechanics, and airport hobos, {Bums}. And I have noticed that they all are a very friendly sort, and have sort of developed their own community, or sub-culture, if you will. A sort of, "Solder, wire, and duct-tape" mentality, born out of the outragous prices of æroplanes, and æroplane parts, I suppose.
Just a thought.
Oh, another thought, In American movies, British people are {stereotypically} the 
"bad guys"
But in British Movies, are Americans {stereotypically} the "bad guys"?
If not, who is? I know I have Readers in Britannia Major, so I am waiting for answers.
And I expect them.
-=309 Deaths by airship.=-
{According to Wikipedia}
That's less than how many people are killed by Automobiles, in every minute.
I guess, I dont know the exact number, But since Automobiles are the most popular mode of transportation in the world, It's a pretty safe bet.
so why aren't Zeppelins more popular? 
Or Blimps, or Hot-Air/Gas Balloons, the point is, they are so much safer!
Sure, there was the Incident back in '39, but that was hydrogen,{flammable} just use helium and we should be good!
-=And We End With a Quote=-
"Movies are a fad, what people really want  to see is actors on a stage"
-=Best Regards=-

Sir Jacob D. Fredrickson Esq.

Chief Executive Officer of Early Bird Industries, Inc.

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