Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Continuing Weekly Adventures Of Dr. Zachary Smith H.M.O.

This weeks episode is entitled:
Episode #31: Very Worrisome
Alright Everyone, Shh… and I will Take you to our First scene… 

-=fig. 128: Alright, Lets Settle in and Get Comfortable=-

Alright, Lets settle in and get comfortable, It Might Be Long Story…
The darkness stretches out, far and wide, swallowing any attempts at light, it is not cold, but it is not warm either…
Two breaths, one quick and frightened, the other calm and not as frightened…
A click rings out in the darkness.
-=fig. 129: *CLICK*=-

The Light: thick and heavy, wobbles out. Fighting against the dark with every Watt it generates…
-=fig. 130: It Reveals Dr. Smith and George=-

It Reveals Dr. Smith and George, wandering in the Dark, Lost as usual.
"Dr. Smith?" Asks George, Looking around Quickly searching for the source of that scratching noise… "Hmm...?" Dr. Smith answers, absent-mindedly. "I was just wondering, Dr. Smith, why are we staying near this Lamp Post? Didn't the other ones try to kill us?" "Oh, Er. Well, this one isn't. I am quite curious about these devices, they don't seem to be have any power source to speak of, and the light that comes out is heavy, heavier than usual anyway. See those points floating away? that's the light."

"Oh Dear."

Dr. Smith catches one in his hand, it is soft, and shockingly hot.
"AHHH!" He screams, wildly flapping his hand, trying to get the thing off, it is as sticky as used tape, and soon flies off, into the night. I Say night, but it isn't, really. Just the absence of light.
A thousand more Clicks, each one bigger than the last, and the darkness scurries away, back to its dismal hole…
-=fig. 131: The Darkness Scurries Away=-

"AH! We're here! Wait, Where are we?" "The Rather Large Blank Spot, George"

-=fig. 132: "It is Rather Large…"=-

"It is Rather Large…"
The new found light illuminates Three more lamp posts, But none crackling with electricity Except for the one closest to Dr. Smith and George. "You know George, the only threatening-looking Lamp Post is the one next to, You George." By now the Nearest Lamp Post was already accumulating Light Fuzz, it was piling up, and floating away like Half-Full Party Balloons.
-=fig. 133: I Dunno, Its Rather……Pretty.=-

"We Need to get out of Here, George." "I Dunno, it's rather……Pretty.   I think we should stay…"

Episode #32: Don't Trust the Fuzz.

Next week, same time, same channel.
-=Best Regards=-

Sir Jacob D. Fredrickson Esq.

Chief Executive Officer of Early Bird Industries, Inc.


  1. Still making me chuckle! Passed your blog info to some other writing friends so they can see what you get up to and be inspired! (And get some giggles too).

  2. Thanks! It's good to know that my writing is entertaining Somebody out there! {Other than me, of course!} Thanks For the publicity, I Need all the coverage I can get!

    -=Best Regards=-

  3. I've put the link on http://UKwriters.ning.com in case you were wondering where it was - you are already linked from my blog as it is.

    Have you ever thought of script writing for Dr Who?

  4. Thanks! I appreciate the gesture, {and the publicuty} but I'm not a, uh, well I don't think of myself as a writer. But besides that, I don't live in the UK! Above it sometimes, but only as a sort of mobile cloud that's been painted silver and is full of helium... I don't know if that's a requirement for your UKWriters, thing. And it isn't, go right ahead! I just don't want to be operating under false pretenses.

    -=Best Regards=-


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