Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The Continuing Weekly Adventures Of Dr. Zachary Smith H.M.O.

Episode #32
Don't Trust The Fuzz
-=fig. 133: I Dunno Its Rather……Pretty.=-

Last Week, As you recall, Dr. Zachary Smith {And George, a local HAM radio operator} Had just arrived inside the Rather Large Blank Spot, a Completely Featureless area of the universe where Anything could happen…
And anything has, for even at this very moment Dr. Smith And George are being cornered by Evil Lamp Posts. Evil Lamp Posts spouting crackling ball of fuzzy Electricity, bent on the total destruction of all intruders…
My, that was dramatic.
George Takes a step, just one step, towards the Lamp Post, Of DOOM Initiating some primal survival code ingrained in the genetic structure of the Lamp Posts, as one by one they all begin to fountain out Crackling Balls Of Fuzzy Electricity…

-=fig. 134: Crackling Balls Of Fuzzy Electricity=- 

"George?" Zachary says, with great trepidation, for the Crackling Balls of Fuzzy Electricity dangerous though they are, Have the same Attractive quality That the lure of the Ceratias holboelli has upon the fish of the Pacific…
"George?" He Repeats, Fighting against the allure of Electrocution, "We Need To Leave…… Now, yes, Now. We need to leave NOW! George! We're Leaving!" He then Grabs George By the Arm and charges as fast as he can through the veritable snowstorm of .C.B.F.E. now spouting from the Lamp Posts, as they Move into a Circular Pattern around Our Duo,

-=fig. 135:…These are My Friends…=-

"It's O.K. Dr. Smith…… These Are my friends……" George Mumbles, Wandering in and out of delirium, "These are not your Friends George, I Am your Friend, these are Lamp Posts. You Hear me? Stay With me George! George! No!" George reaches out, like a child reaching for a Soap Bubble, and grabs a Crackling Ball of Fuzzy Electricity, which Subsequently gives him a tremendous Shock, snapping him out of the Delirious Pull that was drawing him into the Control of the Lamp Posts. "Oh, Hello Dr. Smith. Why does my hand feel like it has been Set On Fire?"
Out of the Corner of his eye, Dr. Smith Sees a way out of this Nightmare. "George, Can you stand?" "Uh, no. My entire body feels as weak as a new born Kitten." Dr. smith refrains from mentioning the sorts of large Cats whose Kittens aren't as weak as one would think, and focuses on getting to:

Episode #33: The Way out.

Next week, same time, same channel.
-=Best Regards=-

Sir Jacob D. Fredrickson Esq.

Chief Executive Officer of Early Bird Industries, Inc.

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