Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Continuing Weekly Adventures Of Dr. Zachary Smith H.M.O.

This Week On "The Weekly Adventures":
Episode #35: No, Dr. Smith, I Expect you to Die!

Last Week {As you Recall,} Dr. Smith had entered The Rather Large Blank Spot in Search Of his Friend and traveling companion as of late, George.
But one of our camera's has broken.
can we switch to a different camera?

-=fig 149: What's all this?=-
What's all this?  Black and white? get me color!

Well use one of those Spider-Cams I can see right there!

Here, give me the Controls.

I Know what Happened the last time I took the Controls, but I Have been reading the Manual!

Didn't know there was a Manual Didja!
{Admittedly It was in a rare 15th century Germanic dialect, but I got the gist of it…}
-=Please Hold For Technical Difficulties=-
-=We Now Return To Our Regularly Scheduled Programming=-

-=fig. 150: Ah, Dr. Smith, I have Been Expecting you=-
"Ah, Dr. smith, I huve Been Expecting You…" the Dark and Mysterious figure Says,  with just a touch of a Transylvanian accent… "You have?' Dr. Smith says with a note of confusion, for he has never met this Dark And Mysterious Figure before, Right? "Yez I have Dr. Zmith, Ever Zince my Lump Poztz Zpotted you out in the Desert of Death I have been Vaiting, Drawing you ever clozer, and Vhen you attempted to escape this Infinitely Blank Urea, I… Darn It. You got me revealing my evil Plot!  Lamp Poztz!  Attack!"  But Dr. Smith Doesn't make a move, he just stands there, looking smug. "I Don't think that they will attack" He says, smugly. "You See, Dark And Mysterious Stranger, I know their weakness."  "Unt That Iz?"  "That You control them!" He lunges, drawing his top-of-the-line Münkhöûsér500 [s] campaign Sabre, with a titanium forté and optional bronze hand-guard.

-=fig. 151: It was Clear that these two Talents were equally Matched=-
Following a brief display of expert swordsmanship, it was clear that these two talent were equally matched.   So Dr. Smith Stuck Up a Conversation.  "So, er, you obviously know my, name, what's yours?"  "Your parry showz that voo were trained in the classic 17th century Italian fencing style, yet you apply it to a  sabre with great effect.  Interesting… Vat Is My Name?  My Name unt Villiam Von TipRău, Fifth count of Ţara Bârsei." Dr. smith silently mouths out the forign symbols, applying all his linguistic knowledge and says  "Von BadGuy? Interesting name."  "Von TipRău, Please."  "Well Von BadGuy, I have a confession to make."


-=fig. 152: I Have a Confession to make=-
" I'm Not Left handed." Dr. Smith Says, quickly switching hands, and in one sweeping motion he knocks away Von TipRău's Sword and pins him to the ground, with the edge of the blade Milimetres from Von TipRău's Throat.  "Voo are Very good. Very good indeed, now, Back avay from ze collar, yes?  Dis is a brand new shirt."  "Not until you release my friend from his cage of Light Fuzz."
-=fig. 153: Back Avay From ze Collar, Yes?=-
"Light Fuzz? Light Fuzz, Light Fuzz… Oh!  You mean Ze Crackling Ballz Of Fuzzy Electriçity!" "Yeah." Dr. Smith Lowers the Sabre, Very Slowly…  "All right! All right! lampă de posturi libere prizonier!"  "Romanian? They obey Romanian?" with that he shouts out, "Du-te în direct în altă parte şi niciodată nu deranja om din nou! Acum!Von TipRău looks shocked. "Voo Speak Român? Vy hav I been speaking like dis da whole time!  Ve could have been speaking Român!"  "Dr. Smith Gives him the look C.E.O's give when they are about to fire somebody and said "care este modul în care kumquat săriWhich strangely enough translates to "That's how the Kumquat bounces." an odd tun of phrase.
He slowly raises his sword, but before sheathing it he calls out to the Lamp Posts "lampă de posturi, închide acest nebun, în lumina Fuzz"  Von TipRău looks scared, he screams, "Nuuuuuuuuuu!"
-=fig. 154:  Nuuuuuuuuuu!=-
Dr. smith goes over to where George was formerly trapped, checking his Vital signs,
-=fig. 155: George? you O.K.?=-

"George? you O.K.?"  He asks, but only superficially, for he already knows that George is fine.  Strangely the Light Fuzz seems to have hand no effect, other than a pervading sleepiness. "*Yawn*.  Hi Dr. Smith. Nice day Isn't it…*Yawn* Where am I again?…"  "You're almost home, George." Dr. Smith says as he lifts George up by the armpits and leads him over to where The Door stands, Open…

-=fig. 156: You're Almost Home George=-

"Hey Jeeves!" Dr. Smith calls, "Bring George over and give him some tea Eh?" "OF COURSE, SIR."
"And some little *Yawn* Short Breads?"  "SURE GEORGE."

"Jeeves? Give him whatever he wants, But Don't let him Go to Sleep."

Join us next week for our next exciting Episode,

Episode #36: A Bit Of A Rest

Same time, Same channel!

-=Best Regards=-

Sir Jacob D. Fredrickson Esq.

Chief Executive Officer of Early Bird Industries, Inc.

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