Wednesday, September 16, 2009

-=First leg of the trip; Momma O's=-

The E.E.B. {Emergency Escape Blimp} is fueled and on it's way, with me and the crew inside. But mere hours after taking off, we had to force a landing due to a hungry crew, luckily we were over the downtown area of the small American city of "Anchorage, Alaska", right about, here:

The highlighted restaurant is where we stopped for lunch, "Momma O's" a fine establishment if I've ever seen one. their siganture dish is deep-fried halibut in a hamburger bun, with the thickest Chips {French fries to you Americans} I've ever seen. Several of the crew compained of heart pain, but we all agreed it was most definitely worth it.
For those brave travellers who don't mind a little vein coagulation, here are some pictures:

The outside.

Go in this door and hang a left, you can't miss it.

Order your fish and chips here. {they also offer grilled or…I think it was boiled… halibut or chicken, but really, you're coming here for the deep-fried}
After you order take a seat and wait for the friendly staff to come and serve you your delicious heart attack on a plate. I would like to say that I highly enjoyed my meal, none of the crew actually got heart-attacks, and I don't get any money from these people, in fact I had to pay money for my food. But it was well worth it, and I recommend this establishment to anybody who's wandering through alaska.

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