Sunday, October 18, 2009


I Have Recently acquired an awesome Pocket-Watch.  It works, so that's good, But it has a bit of mystery attached. Here is the back of the watch:

But here is the mysterious bit:

I popped the back off with my leatherman, and found these weird symbols. Now, I beseech you, the reader {Yes You} for information about these words.  Do you have an uncle that owns a watch shop? Buy alot of watches yourself? Just happen to know what these words mean?  For those of you that can't read the picture for one reason or another this is the tranliteration:

What is it that I want you ask? Any Information Regarding the advance Watch Co., Ltd. {Point me to a website if you want, If it's relevant, it's not spam} And any guesses as to what AWCLTWY means.


-=Best Regards=-

Sir Jacob D. Fredrickson Esq.

Chief Executive Officer of Early Bird Industries, Inc.

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  1. I have this exact pocket watch and can't find anything on it either. If you have found any information on it please let me know. My email is


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