Thursday, May 05, 2011


During the 1960's records were king.
 And to make them stand out record companies slapped them with gimmicky claims about “Stereo•Phonic” this and “HI–FIdelity” that, honestly they don't sound any different. But the badges are pretty so I thought I'd post some of the better ones of my {Physical, vinyl} collection here.
My favourite part is the words: “Orthophonic” “Spectra Sonic”?
 People make fun of Apple for their “Magical and Revolutionary” products, but RCA Victor was the Apple of 1960's Vinyl.

The Pop Classics Go Latin; c. 1960's

Rhapsody in Blue Fiedler/Boston Pops; c. 1960

Big Band Percussion; c. 1961-2

Sing Around The Bandstand c. 1959

Spotlight On The Dorsey Brothers c. 1962

Bernstein's Greatest Hits Vol. 2; c. 1957-70 {No Date Given, but pre-1970} 

Popular Music That Will Live Forever (readers digest) c. 1956-70

The Longines Symphonette Society Presents “Happy Days Are Here Again” c. 1960's

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