Tuesday, July 12, 2011

the CWA of Dr. Z Smith Episode #110: Backstory

-=fifteen years ago=-

-=fig. 678: the smith apartments=-

The woman watched as the city burned.
     “Your father and I,” She said, “Leave you alone for three hours! ONE Society dinner and this…!” She gestured at the city below “How…Did you even build a 50 foot robot with out me noticing?  We live in an apartment!”
     “I have skills.” Replied the boy. “I Didn't mean for him to escape, He just–”
     “Never mind that now, can you stop it?”
     “Not remotely.  No, ah, I mean, I can't stop him from here. If I were to get closer…?”
     “He's not dangerous, really–”
A giant ball of flame engulfed another house.
   The man stepped forward and adjusted his thick glasses “Is that the Miller’s house? I hope they weren't home.”
  Both the boy and the woman stared at the man. “Honey,” Said the woman, “Don't you hate the millers?”
   “Oh I do, Lisa, But they owe me $37.50. The Squirrels won.”
   Lisa Smith, {Née O'Callaghan} Millionairess to the vast O'Callaghan fortune, Took charge as she often had.  “Morton,” She said, “Tell the servants we'll have to make a hasty exit.”
“And I was just getting to like Quagmireland.”


A door appeared in the middle of the smith apartment. 
It was blue, art deco, and did not match the wallpaper at all. 
It didn't need to, It wasn't connected to the wall.
It opened. 
A man stepped out.

-=fig. 679: an unauthorised visit from the DEM Co.=-

He examined the room.
It was empty.
He examined it again, more carefully.
Still empty.
He swore.
A servant hurried through the room. He saw the blue door. Then he saw the man in black.
Ludwig Aufenstein smiled. “Good Afternoon sir.” He said. 
  “No it isn't.” The Servant said. “There's a bloody great robot outside, destroying things! I have to get home, I don't care how you got a door in here, I need to leave. Take anything you want.” 
  “Do you have a family sir?“
  “Yes. Which is why I need to–”
  “–Leave. Yes. Well, If you ever want to see them again, you will tell me where Zachary Smith went.”
  “Zachary…You mean Morton? He went with his family. They didn't say where, it was all “PACK THE THINGS NOW!” And “DAMMIT!” And panicking.”
  “Any idea about what?”
  “Not my job, sir. May I go? I know you don't have my family anywhere, this isn't about me, Is it?”
  “No, It isn't.” 
  “They left most of the fancy silverware, And I think I might have missed some, you're welcome to whatever you can find. Good day.” 
Another man walked out of the blue door. 
Short, stocky. Stout is the word.   
  “You're just going to let him get away, boss?”
  “No, Mr. Monoid, I'll keep looking. Always. He cannot escape.”
  “I meant the servant guy, He know who we're looking for, and he knows where they are. He'll squeal.”
  “But he said–”
  “I don't care what he said.”
  “In That case, Mr. Monoid, I think that man needs to be brought in for…Questioning.”


It still wouldn't budge. 
Zachary Smith looked at the thing, it was the piece that he needed.  He knew he wasn't the strongest of kids, But come on, it didn't look all that heavy. 
Zachary Smith walked home down the alley. 
He would have to…steal a tractor, something.
Footsteps behind him, 
A glint of metal.

-=fig. 680 the fateful mugging=-
  “Yer money or your life.” Said the mugger.
Zachary Smith sighed, “I Keep telling you guys–” He reached over his left shoulder and, grasping the man's wrist firmly, tossed him to the ground. “Not to use the over-hand stab, it's too easy to counter. My you're heavy…Because you're huge. ”
  “Ow.” Said the attacker.  “That hurt. Your money…please?”
Zachary Smith gave a little laugh, “You're voice is all high and squeaky, like you're a girl or…a…kid.”
   “You're not going to hand over your money, are you?”
   “Alright, just don't tell Big Eddy I was beaten by little runt like you, I'd lose all of my street cred.”
Zachary Smith looked the attacker over.  He was huge, and muscular. “You are just a kid, Aren't you?”  A plan was forming.
   “Yeah, What's it to ya, midget?”

-=fig. 681: james=-
  “The name's Zachary.”


  1. Will you do a feature on the behind-the-scenes of your sets?

  2. There really isn't much of a Behind to my Scenes, But I'll see what I can do.


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