Monday, March 12, 2012

I was published! IN A REAL MAGAZINE!

Not the cover picture, sadly. No, my picture is on page 17:

In a story about how Dad got them to put lights on a 120 foot tall radio tower.
See, you don’t HAVE to light your radio tower unless it’s over 120 feet high, but an unlit tower at night is d*mn near invisible.
And an invisible piece of 120–foot–high steel near an airport is quite the serious hazard.
You can read the whole story {sans my picture} here:  [LINK] Under the heading “Airport Support Network”
Or in the latest issue of AOPA magazine.
On page 17.
I mailed three to them, one of which was this one that I liked better:

But what are you going to do.


  1. Jake!  That's wonderful that are published.  I'll try to buy a copy of the magazine.  Maybe I can find one at Barnes & Noble.  Expecting to see more.


  2. Jake!  That's wonderful  that you have been published.  Expecting to see many more.


  3.  You are talented in so many ways.

    Congratulations, Jake. That's super awesome! 


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