Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Amazing Scenery between AK and AZ

Click on any of these pictures and they’ll get real big, in a neat gallery view. 
You can navigate the gallery view using your mouse, or your arrow keys.

1: Palmer AK, Pioneer Peak
2: AK

3: AK

4: The Yukon

5:Watson lake

6: Watson Lake

7: Watson Lake

8: The Yukon
9: Canada

10: Canada

11: Canada

12: Canada

13: Canada

14: Canada

15: Canada

16: Canada–Near Penticton

17: North USA

18: North USA

19: USA
20: USA

21: USA

22: Near Boise

23: The Desert Between ID and AZ

24: The Desert Between ID and AZ

25: The Desert Between ID and AZ

26: The Desert Between ID and AZ

27: UT Bryce Canyon

28: UT Bryce Canyon

29: UT Bryce Canyon

30: UT Bryce Canyon

31: UT Bryce Canyon

32: AZ near the Grand Canyon

33: Lake Powell

34: Meteor Crater, Winslow AZ

35: Meteor Crater, Winslow AZ

36: Coolidge AZ


  1. Beautiful photos! Thanks Jake. Love, Grammie

  2. Wow, that's beautiful, thank you. I only wish there were captions because I don't know what some of the landmarks are. :)

  3. I don’t either, most of the stuff was just “Ooh! Something pretty! CLICK” —Jacob

  4. I have too, and I have to say it’s way more impressive from the air. When you fly up, you don’t have any scale and then you see the museum.
    Dad and I were pretty impressed.
    Nature is Weird As H*ll.

  5. Nice! You should definitely sell prints. Have you considered that?? I bet there are some good online store sites that will sort of do it for you. Or you could always do etsy!

  6. That lake Powell one could definitely be a print, {I currently have it as my desktop picture} but the rest are just snapshots, really.



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