Thursday, December 27, 2012

Abandoned Airplanes {Marana Az}

THIS Plane was not abandoned. Some guy had fixed it up real pretty. It impressed Dad.


Aircraft Engine Box, Spelled Centre right

Beech 18 [?] Adorable.

THIS Was Dwight D Eisenhower’s Air Force One. This plane! {A Lockheed Constellation} And it’s just sitting here, in a rural airport on Arizona, rusting:

  THESE Are Beechcraft Starships, made 53 but only sold 11. The rest until rented out to executives, that business just wasn’t making enough money. So they scrapped them, and a couple of guys picked some up cheap. Then stored them here. 

BONUS: For return readers: 

This plane is not abandoned, the owners were restoring it. I have no idea what it is.


  1. That C-130 is, I believe, a DC-4 (or -6). The droop nose 4 engine with the twin tail is a Connie (Constellation). Great pics. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This post has been having some wierd bugs, if you see any please report them in comments or Here:


  3. The Connie actually has a triple tail. The fuselage is hiding almost all of it (you can see the tip just over the top of the fuselage).


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