Friday, February 08, 2013

I Am Not a Spammer.

Transcript: I’m not a spammer, I tried to upload too many vacation photos at once.
I just recently joined facebook, I didn’t know, and you don’t have any signs saying, for example, “Hey, only upload # photos at a time” or anything.
I had a bad connection, so when I was uploading photos facebook crashed twice, {And I restarted the upload each time} I didn’t know a ton of photos had already gone through, and that you had registered them.
It wasn’t clear.
Then my connection finally cleared up, I got the proper uploader pop up, and you kicked me off because by that point you had decided I was a spammer.
I had no idea that any photos had been uploaded, I thought the system ate them.

I understand how it works, now.

I’m a rule follower, I won’t do it again.

I just want to be able to respond to my friends and families comments on my vacation photos.


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