Saturday, February 16, 2013

People In Italy

Street Photography of tourists and photographers, but overwhelmingly old italian guys in hats.

Ordering a snack unwillingly.
Stazione S.M.N., Florence

Solving Mysteries {Just, One More Thing.}
Stazione S.M.N., Florence

Being a tourist in his own country.

Accidentally being a pouty model.
The Uffizi, Florence

Trying to be a pouty model but failing.
The Uffizi, Florence

Tolerating the guide.
In front of the duomo, Florence

Double–checking where the park she’s meeting her contact is.

Wondering why that kid is taking his picture, while his wife just assumes I’m taking a picture of her.

Smiling for the interestingly dressed kid.

Taking a picture of the Ponte Vecchio.
Ponte Vecchio, Florence

Keeping the Peace.

The Duomo, Florence

Hoping nobody notices him.

Being walked by the Dog.
The Duomo, Florence

Photographing his group.
The Baptistery, Florence

Going home after a hard day of editing a fashion blog or being a hobo. 

Drinking coffee and learning secrets better kept secret.
Pasticceria Scudieri, Florence

Surreptitiously calling off a meeting of the white beard club, because somebody’s wife wants to be taken out for dinner.

I kept running into this guy, and finally I walked by him to get a better picture of the Ponte Vecchio and I said “Hey, sorry I keep staring at you, I like that scarf.” And he said something like “Oh that’s alright no problem.”  After I got my picture I saw he was walking toward me, so I turned sharp and snapped a picture, and I noticed in the tenth of a second it took my camera to focus he had gone all menswear blog on me.
I still like that scarf.
Ponte Santa Trinita, Florence

Texting somebody that made her smile.
Ponte Vecchio, Florence

Planning a Hit.

Collecting photos for her fashion blog.

Walking to the laundromat and setting trends.

Staying confused. 

Rescheduling an appointment in a park with a woman in a wide hat.
The Grand Hotel Baglioni, Florence

Telling a funny story.

Wondering what kind of vegetable could possible be that colour.
Vecchio Mercato, Florence

About to buy a “100% Italian Leather” Jacket.
Florence Italy

Waiting for our tour to start.
Loggia dei Lanzi, Florence

Leaving to buy the girl on the left a pair of team sunglasses.
Fontana di Trevi, Rome

Taking the standard tourist picture.
Fontana di Trevi, Rome

Being Cool. 
Colosseum, Rome

Presenting his point to deaf ears

Guiding a tour
Basilica San Lorenzo, Florence

Wondering why some kid is taking a picture of his girl.

Casing the joint.

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  1. I like your blog Jake. I'm a friend of your dad's Uncle Don-- and your dad of course-- but haven't seen him in a lot of years... I think the last time was maybe in Reno... I think you were there too... just a baby. Cheers.


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