Wednesday, February 20, 2013

St. Peter’s Basilica, Rome. {1/2}

ONE of the things most people go and see in Rome is St. Peter’s basilica, spiritual and political centre of the catholic version of christianity. 
  Dad kept calling it the Vatican, and while The Basilica was in Vatican City but I think the vatican is actually a bunch of offices and such in the back that tourists can’t get to. 

The Vatican City and St. Peter’s Basilica are way too big to see in a day, especially if you have a cold. 

But if you do go, give it at least two days of a couple hours each, not in the afternoon {Because it closes} Of course, that’s opposite of what we did. We tried to pack it all into a half day.
Don’t do that. 
 But definitely go in the winter, that’s when we went and the line was hardly anything. 

Scene: This was the biggest church I had ever been in.
Just huge.

Detail: Statue that’s about 1&1/2 times life size.

As Americans, we have not truly seen something until we have climbed to the top of it. 
So that’s the first thing Dad and I did. 

Detail: Part of the walkway inside the dome.

Detail: Anytime you see any decoration in here, assume that it’s either hand painted or huge mosaic. 

Detail: The Ceiling of the Dome.

Detail: Mosaic of an angel.

We’re REALLY high up, and we’re not even at the top yet.

Portrait: Dad looking at the teeny tiny tourists below.

Portrait: Before we walked in Dad said to me “I don’t CARE how pretty St. Peter’s is, I CAN NOT let it become my favourite church.”  Presumably because that’s too mainstream.
But all he could do while we were up here was whisper “WOW.” 

Scene: Vatican City and Rome Beyond.

Portrait: We eventually made it to the top. 
It’s way less of a fun climb than the Duomo in Florence.

Panorama: Rome from the Sky.

Detail: I don’t understand why they named the top of these little windows. 
Those little round things are candle holders, Dad pointed those out and asked what they were because they’re up and down the outside of the dome. 
I told him they’re candle holders and he said “Wait, no. That’s INSANE. That means…No, they’re EVERYWHERE. Some guy would have to climb out there!” 
I pointed out that right behind us there was a hook built into the wall, like something you could tie a rope to, and how ELSE where they going to light it up? They had candles. 

Portrait: “Geez. Can you imagine what a job that would be? Carrying all the candles up that tiny little passageway and then… rappelling off the side. Erugh.” 

Detail: A little house inside a park.

Detail: All the different columns up here are numbered so that the Monk whose job the candles were {Or possibly some sort of team of disposable intern–types} could keep track of where he’s been. 

I get why all the columns are numbered, but some of them are named. 
Can you help me out, Catholics?

Detail: Nice garden.

I’m not sure what this place is, but it’s very official looking. 

Detail: THIS is the official seal of the Pope. Every pope has a different one,  so I guess they’re going to have to change it now.

Scene: Rome.

Portrait: Arr!

Scene: When you’re walking on top of the Basilica there’s no hard angles anywhere, so it’s a bit like you’re on an alien planet.

Detail: Just because it’s the picture everybody takes, doesn’t mean it’s bad.

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  1. I was thinking about all these curves, arches and rounded edges when I remembered something seen on discovery channel awhile ago. these curves, arches and rounded edges have been investigated and scientifically proven to have less wind resistance than flat, cornered, squared structures such as we have so much of today. Rounded structures survive storms and wind better which might account for why all this really old stuff manages to survive so well. The arches have proven to be self supporting, although it was learned the arch had to be done to certain ratios/measurements or they fail. There is a beautiful catholic church somewhere in Italy that is in danger of falling because it's arches were not constructed to the ratios found to be self supporting. Amazing how much knowledge was known in times so long ago when we would think intelligence was not as advanced. ..... thus some rumors about possible merging of extra-terrestrials influence on time gone by. As for these set of amazing photos, I mimic your dad, Wow!!


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