Saturday, June 11, 2016

Coffee With (X) | Short Film |

MediaWorks Final Project, Spring 2016

Coffee With (X) depicts one man’s struggles with dissociation, leading him to blur the line between what is inside his own head and what is real. It deals with an interesting use of space and subjectivity though clever camera work, leading the viewer to question what is real? Which parts are taking place in the ‘real world’ and what is true simply from the biased perspective of (X)? Is any of this really happening? And why would something taking place ‘only in one’s head’ be any less real than what is taking place outside of it?

This was a difficult project to make because it dealt so closely with themes of my own life, but  through the process of creating this film I found that the most interesting and powerful stories are the ones that hit home with you. If you (the creator of the work) find it tough to tell a story because it is so personal, those are the stories that others have experienced too, but couldn’t put words to. And this personal aspect of art is what truly makes art worthwhile.

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