Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Continuing Weekly Adventures Of Dr. Zachary Smith H.M.O.

Today's Episode:
Adventure into the Bowels of the Vehicular Transport.

after breaking camp the next morning, the team set out and soon came across an unusually square, and boxy, vehicular transport or "Carr" as it is referred to by Humans, deciding to explore the inside of it Private Lawrence led Zachary,Dr. Bennett,Clancy and Charles up into the bowels of the mechanical beast. While Johnathan, Joesph and Mr. Earl stood guard.

Down they went, , down into the belly of the aluminum beast.

in the darkness they stood, unaware that even at that very moment they were being watched, from the the shadows...

join us next week for our next exciting episode entitled: "i thought we were the only ones?"

Next Weeks Episode: #14 I Thought we Were the Only Ones?

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