Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Journal 1 Pages 11-12, 2007 sometime, the day is irrelevant. so its out.

On the right is another Geocache that i found with Seth,  but more interestingly { to you, the reader at least } is a couple of incomplete drawing i made at the Chicago union station, the top one is a partial of one of the columns there, and it is incomplete because as i was drawing it some guy walks up , now this is inside the lobby and here is this guy, cigar hanging out of his mouth, {and therefore a complete idiot  and a person to be avoided.} and he starts talking at me! complimenting my drawings or something, and i mumble thank you or some other non-specific verbal runoff, and yet he persists! mom is asleep on the bench beside me,
{it was just me and her, she was sleeping because we had just been on a plane for, like eight hours, and we were waiting on the bench for some friends, who had taken the train instead, not from Alaska, but from Indiana} 
then i think he wanders off, and then comes back, so i wake up mom, and she asks him if people are allowed to smoke in the building, {trying to get him to go away} and he says, no. the cigar itself is unlit, but that guy was kinda creepy, and so we get up, and move down to the gate, and that is the end of him. but now our friends are like, thirty minutes late. and coming by train, i would think that they would be precicely on time. but no. those days went out with the Top Hat. and so we are sitting on this much smaller, much less comfortable bench, it was wrought iron i believe, much less comfortable than the nice long wood benches upstairs in any case. the whole thing is like a nightmare, but whatever. our friends come, Sheridan and Ms. Christine, {oh, and Audrey, Sheridan's big sister} you may remember them from the AK Earls go Blog, but then again you may not. whatever. they come, and we finally make it out of Nightmare Station.
but you know thats not really fair, as that is just one story, out literally thousands, millions probably, and the station is not full up with creepy cigar-smoking idoits, i sure some of them smoke ciggarettes.  
but again that's not really fair either, and in the interest of being fair {blah blah blah}  not every one smokes, {thank whichever deity you want to, all of 'em even} and so at least some of them {the non smokers} are reasonably intelligent. {again, thanking god, buddha, and whoever else you want to believe in.}

That is all for today,
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