Monday, May 18, 2009

Visit Palmer {A Rural Town In Oregon}

We are reporting from the rural community of Palmer, in "Oregon" of the United States Of America. It is amazing the commotion that a Zeppelin can cause, Unfortunately Zeppelin mooring towers have been quite hard to find since The Incident back in '37. So we were forced to land in an adjacent field full up with little holes with flags stuck in them, weird custom, but whatever. The winds upon the ground for the last 3 days have been horrible, upwards of 15 knots, with a bitterly cold streak running through the Air. Luckily we are well insulated against that. And now we are trying to ward off the people in polo shirts, although why they want to hit a tiny white ball {or, as the day progresses, US!} with a long stick, in the general direction of one of these aforementioned flagged holes, in the current pelting rain and fog, I cannot imagine. We are in town on business, you may remember that I broke a sword on a rouge batch of Scruffy Pirates, and so I am here, so that I can Retrieve a sword from the ancestral home of the Fredrickson Klanen, Huset Människor where I grew up, and my ancestors stored all their best swords.
SJABBIG pirat Proof.

This is Sir Jacob, signing off.

Good Day, and Best Regards.

Sir Jacob D. Fredrickson Esq.

Chief Executive Officer of Save the,

Quite the High Ranking Official of Early Bird Productions, Inc.

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