Sunday, November 27, 2011

CWA Mini–sode: Jeeves’ Day Off

  “Jeeves—” Dr. Smith started,
  “No.” Replied Jeeves. “Today, Sir, is Sunday.”
  “Is that what day it is? I wondered.”
 “Yes, Sir. And Sunday is my Day Off.”
 “Wait, you get a day off?”
  “I do.”
  “But you’re a robot. What could you possibly do on your day off?”
  “Interestingly, Sir, According to Page Six of ‘The Gentleman’s Gentleman’s Handbook’ [1856, Göedfreid, Niköløus, and Frank] Quote: ‘Hay Gentleman’s Gentleman need knot disclos the activitys of Hys Daye Of Reste to his Gentleman’s Gentleman’s Gentleman. Hys Daye Of Reste Is Hys Owne Tyme. ”
  “You used the word gentleman five times in that sentence.”
  “Proper Sentence Structure was not observed in 1856. Nor Standardised Spelling, although they almost universally enjoyed the letter Y.”
  “They did. Alright, I guess. Go enjoy your mysterious Day Off.”
Jeeves turned to go.
  “WAIT!” Dr. Smith called out, in a panic.
  “Yes, Sir?” Jeeves replied.
  “How will I feed myself?”
  “That is a good question, Sir. I wish you luck, Good Day.”

Mini–sodes are not part of the main story, they are side stories, which may have happened at any time, or no time at all.

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