Sunday, November 27, 2011

CWA Mini–sode: Automotive Repair

Dr. Smith watched the legs protruding from under his Jaguar.
  “What’re you doing, James?”  He asked eventually.
  “Fixin’ the Jag” Came the muffled voice of Capt. James Brown,  Mayor of the Grand City of Legopolis.
  “James…” Dr. Smith said Carefully, “It wasn’t broken.” 
  “It was making a funny noise.”
  “What makes you think you can fix a car, James?”
  “Zachary, I run a country. I think I can fix a car.”
  “But those things aren’t even remotely similar–” 
Dr. Smith had a terrible thought. 
  “James… Was the noise sort of like…Putt putt putt putt putt putt ROAR! Purrrrrrrrrr…?”
  “Yes! Exactly like that. But I think I found the problem—”
  “That’s… That’s the noise it’s supposed to make.”

Mini–sodes are not part of the main story, they are side stories, which may have happened at any time, or no time at all.

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