Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Continuing Weekly Adventures Of Dr. Zachary Smith H.M.O.

This weeks episode entitled:
Preparing for an expedition
The Technology of Dr. Zachary Smith.
Here we join Dr. Zachary Smith as he prepares for an expedition into the unknown.

First he selects the items he wants,

then he packs them,
Wait a minute, how are you going to pack all that into such a tiny suitcase Dr. Smith?
"Oh I have mastered the technology behind the door, and so when I put stuff in{my suitcase}, it goes to a special spot in the Rather Large Blank spot, allowing me to pack as much as I want!"

Join us Next Time when we might actually go someplace.
And on that note i bid you
Good Day, and Best Regards.

Sir Jacob D. Fredrickson Esq.

Chief Executive Officer of Save the Croissants.blogspot.com,

{sorry, the internet does this by itself. An autopilot.}

Next Weeks Episode: #18 A Solo Expedition Utilizing new Technology.

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